Disaster Preparation

Key information resources

City of Berkeley Resources:

Our “Gateway” to disaster preparedness information. This is the website for the Berkeley Fire Department’s Office of Emergency Services. OES operates the CERT training program (Community Emergency Response Training), the Community Emergency Supply Program (the neighborhood “caches”), the automatic Gas shutoff Valve Program, the annual Berkeley Disaster Preparedness Fair, and other disaster preparedness programs for individuals and neighborhoods. The website includes information listed here, and key information for our own upcoming organizing efforts include:

Other Resources

USGS’s National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program
Excellent collection of guides for earthquake preparation and recovery.

PG&E Emergency Preparedness Guides

Key sources for supplies



These sources, and especially their various kits, are also extremely useful as a guide to supplies that you could purchase on your own from hardware stores and drug stores, etc, to create your own kits.